What is an appropriate AMH level for IVF? | Dr. Manjushri Kothekar | IVF specialist in chembur

The granulosa cells within your ovarian follicles create AMH, or anti-Mullerian hormone. This hormone is strongly connected to egg fertility, since a low AMH level may result in a low egg count. Doctors may occasionally recommend an AMH level test, generally known as a fertility test. As a result, the more eggs you have, the greater your AMH levels will be.

An AMH level test, on the other hand, is a blood test that indicates the amount of eggs in your ovaries. Here are some examples of low AMH levels by age:

45 years old – 0.5ng/ml

40 years old – 1ng/ml

35 years old – 1.5ng/ml

30 years old – 2.5ng/ml

25 years old – 3ng/ml

AMH levels below 1.6ng/ml indicate a limited number of eggs generated during IVF, while AMH levels below 0.4ng/ml are very low. So, if your AMH levels are more than 1.6 ng/ml, you have a favorable AMH level for IVF.

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