What is Breast cancer HER2-positive? | Dr. R.K. Saggu | Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon in Delhi

HER2-positive breast cancer cells have an abnormally high level of the protein human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 on their surface as compared to normal cells. These extra HER2 receptors encourage cancer cell proliferation. HER2-positive breast cancer may be either positive or negative for hormone receptors. HER2-positive breast cancers account for around 20% of all cases.
There are many successful targeted medicines available to treat HER2-positive breast cancer. The targeted treatments are intended to target particular properties of cancer cells, such as the HER2 protein, in order to prevent cancer cells from proliferating and developing. The most widely used targeted treatment for HER2-positive breast cancer is trastuzumab. The majority of patients with HER2-positive breast cancer will get targeted therapies in addition to conventional treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation. If the tumor is also hormone receptor-positive, they may be prescribed hormone-blocking medication.
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