What is Bronchoscopy? | Dr. Parthiv Shah | Chest Physician in Borivali

It is a diagnostic procedure performed under local anesthesia with a Fiber-Optic Video Bronchoscope to examine the anatomy of the air passages (Windpipe) in cases of pulmonary conditions such as Lung Cancer, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, and patients with Haemoptysis (spitting out blood) and obtain a biopsy specimen if an abnormality is found.
Certain diagnostic procedures may be carried out when undergoing Bronchoscopy:
BAL is an abbreviation for Broncho-alveolar Lavage, which is the collection of a liquid sample from the lungs for analysis.
TBLB stands for Transbronchial Lung Biopsy.
TBNA: Trans-bronchial Lymph node Needle Aspiration.
EBUS : Endobronchial Ultrasound Bronchoscopy:
It is a specialized test used to analyze lymph nodes/masses within the chest and assist the pulmonologist in taking an appropriate biopsy specimen for diagnosis.
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