What is Factor replacement therapy?

Factor replacement therapy is a form of treatment in which clotting factors obtained from blood donations or synthesized in a laboratory are administered to replace the missing clotting factor. When you encounter bleeding your doctor may offer factor replacement treatment. Prophylactic treatment refers to the use of replacement therapy on a regular basis to avoid bleeding. Prophylactic therapy is most often utilized in the treatment of serious bleeding problems.
Bypassing medicines to treat antibodies. Other kinds of clotting factors are added to these medications to help your blood clot. This therapy may increase the likelihood of blood clots developing in blood arteries.
Clotting factor concentrates are used to restore clotting factors that are absent in hereditary bleeding disorders. This therapy may increase the likelihood of antibodies developing in the blood. Factor concentrates are sometimes used in larger doses to treat bleeding problems caused by antibodies.
To give clotting factors, fresh frozen plasma from human blood is used. It is used to treat bleeding problems caused by the absence of numerous clotting factors, such as liver disease-related hemorrhage.
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