What is laparoscopic surgery? | Dr. Bhavesh Doshi | Best Pediatric surgeon in Mumbai

A less invasive surgical method called laparoscopy may be performed to remove your child's gallbladder via the abdomen. The surgeon makes many tiny incisions in your child's belly during a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. A small scope (or camera) is implanted via one incision to enable the surgeon to view all of the abdominal organs. Small surgical instruments are inserted into two or three more incisions. During the surgery, the abdomen is inflated with gas to enable the surgeon to see clearly.

The gallbladder is then removed by the surgeon via a tiny incision inside your child's belly button. When this minimally invasive procedure is employed, your child should have less discomfort after surgery and spend less time in the hospital than if open gallbladder surgery is performed.

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