What is Recurrent Pregnancy Loss? | Gynecologist in Vadodara | Dr. Shuchi Doshi

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss is a profound personal tragedy for couples seeking parenthood. Miscarriage happens in between 22 and 25% of pregnancies.

Miscarriages can be caused by several disorders like Infections, Hormonal problems, or certain problems in the blood like Thrombophilias Genetic defects, etc.

Miscarriage may be caused by any of the following "Anatomic" issues:

The presence of a fibroid in the uterus.

A "SEPTUM" (wall) is present in the uterine cavity.

A "POLYP" or any other kind of growth inside the uterus.

Cervical Incompetence: In this disorder, the mouth of the uterus (CERVIX), which is intended to open only during delivery (labor), opens prematurely (before the infant is full term), resulting in a miscarriage or the birth of a very preterm baby.

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