What is Stock Trading- Important Strategies for 2024?

This year has seen volatility in the Indian stock market. The indices have not reached a new all-time high since peaking in October 2021. Many investors are nervous now after the recent drop. When the stock market will recover is something they are attempting to predict. They are curious about the start date of the subsequent bull market.

What is Stock Trading?
Stock trading entails buying and selling the company’s shares in an effort to profit from daily price fluctuations. The short-term price changes of these equities are actively monitored by traders, who subsequently attempt to purchase cheap and sell high. Stock traders differ from regular stock market investors in that they perform a short-term perspective rather than a long-term one.

Types of Stock Trading:-

✔ Active Stock Trading
✔ Day Stock Trading

Top 5 Sectors to Pick for 2024:-

✔ Health & Insurance Sector
✔ Renewable Energy Sector
✔ IT Sector
✔ Real Estate Sector
✔ FMCG Sector

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