What is the most common treatment for kidney infection? | RB Diagnostic

"One of the most common cause of kidney infection is when a bacteria enter urinary tract and reach to your kidneys. Or if your blood comes to contact to an infected people. To confirm that you have a kidney infection, one can be asked to undergo urine or blood test. Other tests like an ultrasound, CT scan can also help you find kidney infection.

Read out to know about the common treatments of Kidney infection.
Antibiotics are the first line of medicine for kidney infections. Which drugs you use and for how long depend on your health and the bacteria found in your urine tests.

If kidney infection is severe, doctor might admit you to the hospital. Treatment might include antibiotics and fluids that you receive through a vein in your arm.

Treatment for recurrent kidney infections:
If kidney infections happening after the treatment ends, you might be referred to a kidney specialist or urinary surgeonfor an evaluation.

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