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What Is The Myanmar Business Visa?

What Is The Myanmar Business Visa?

Submitted by • February 17, 2020

Myanmar Business Visa allows foreigners to remain in Myanmar for up to Myanmar days and to engage in limited business activities as described in the Myanmar business visa application purpose. The business partner can live in a business partner in an open, rental apartment or home company.
Types of Visas for Myanmar Businesses:
Single entry visa - The visa for a single entry is valid for 5 days from the date of entry. Entries will be rejected if the visa expires. The stay is one day longer than the date you arrive in Myanmar. evisa is only valid for one entry. Re-entry requires a new visa.
Multiple Entry Visas - Multiple entry projects are valid for three, six, or twelve months. It is rare for multiple visas to be issued for the first time in Myanmar. They usually enter three businesses for visa visas in Myanmar for approved travelers.

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