What is the procedure for spleen removal? | Dr. Sukhvinder Singh Saggu | Bariatric Surgeon in Delhi

Prior to surgery, patients are asked to take a special liquid diet and given medications to clear out their intestines and avoid bacterial infections that may emerge. Fasting condition must be maintained since the evening before the day of surgery.

The patient is given a general anesthetic on the day of the procedure. The laparoscope is inserted into one of three or four abdominal incisions made by the surgeon. The laparoscope is guided towards the spleen and the organ is brought into the front view of the camera.

Other instruments are then put via various incisions, including carbon dioxide, which pushes neighboring organs away from the spleen to provide for a better view and space to do the procedure. The surgeon separates the spleen from the other organs and blood vessels and closes the surgical openings with sutures.

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