What is the treatment for coagulation disorder? | Borivali Blood Bank | Blood Bank in Borivali

The optimum treatment strategy will be determined by the kind of coagulation disease, its severity, and the individual's general health. Treatments are usually aimed at symptom management and lowering the risk of consequences. Doctors may prescribe one or more drugs, such as
– antifibrinolytic medicines used to treat postpartum or surgical bleeding
– Menstrual cramps may be reduced using birth control tablets.
– desmopressin
– immunosuppressive drugs
– Supplemental vitamin K
– Blood thinners are used to lessen the risk of clotting in hypercoagulable individuals
– thrombolytics or thrombin inhibitors
– Other therapies, such as factor replacement therapy, may also be recommended by doctors. This involves replacing missing clotting factors using blood donations or replacements from a laboratory.
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