Which are the four stages of COPD? | Chest physician in Borivali | Dr. Parthiv Shah

COPD is classified into four stages:




Very Severe

A breathing test called a pulmonary function test is used by doctors to assess which stage a patient is in. This test determines how difficult it is for a patient to expel air (called airflow obstruction). Your doctor will also ask you about your symptoms, how many moderate to severe flare-ups you've experienced, and if you have any other chronic disorders.

COPD patients are also categorized into four groups: A, B, C, and D. Which category a patient belongs to is determined by his or her symptoms and how often the condition progresses (exacerbates). Group A patients have moderate COPD symptoms and the lowest risk of exacerbation, whereas Group D patients have severe symptoms and frequent exacerbation.

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