Which Indian Foods are Rich in Protein | Rangeen Kitchen

Several popular protein-rich Indian dishes can be found in fine dining restaurants include:
Cheese cottage (Paneer)
What cheese is to the rest of the world, paneer is to India. Paneer has a good amount of calcium, is high in casein, a dairy protein with a slow rate of digestion, which keeps you fuller for longer and promotes fat burning.

Lentils (Dal)
Arhar, urad, or moong dals are staple foods for Indians. Lentils, a staple of practically every meal, are a quick and affordable method to increase your intake of protein, fibre, and vital minerals.

Kidney Beans (Rajma)
Kidney beans are incredibly high in fibre, protein, and carbs. Rajma-Chawal is a traditional Indian meal that is always a home favourite when served with boiled or steamed rice. For more information, visit our website – rangeenkitchen.com/our-menu/