Why being VAT registered is critical to your business? | Parsh.ae

When you register for VAT, you’re able to claim back any VAT you paid on goods and services. This can be particularly useful for startup recruitment agencies who have a higher outlay during the early phases of their business. Although they’ll be required to pay VAT on any revenue received (which should have been charged to the client at the point of sale), they will be able to reclaim money on services purchased, which can lead to great savings.
If you’re not VAT registered, people know that your business is turning over less than £85,000. However, if you are VAT registered, there is no telling whether or not your annual turnover exceeds the threshold. Therefore, becoming VAT registered can be a smart tactic if you re wanting to present your business as established and successful. This can be particularly useful in establishing relationships with larger companies that only want to work with VAT registered businesses, or for attracting the attention of investors.
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