Why Is AR Follow-Up Important For Medical Billing And Coding?

In this era, medical billing has become an emergent complicated issue in the healthcare industry. It requires special billing, coding, and Account Receivable (AR) management skills. The financial stability of healthcare organizations depends upon positive cash flow. It is also required to manage expenses required for managing costs incurred during patient care. The presence of trained coding and billing staff and following insurance guidelines can benefit from a smooth revenue cycle flow. However, sometimes, when everything goes smoothly still, many claims are denied or rejected and never reworked. Delay in filing the claim for reimbursement could be a fundamental reason. It happens during the loss of a paper claim instead of delivering electronically to an insurance company.

Furthermore, failure to follow up on the claim after 10 days of submitting the claim also turns out in the form of claim denials. That means several shares are unpaid on the doctor’s table every year. That could turn out in the form of a loss of many dollars for healthcare providers. The article will discuss why making AR follow-ups for medical billing and coding is essential.