Why is Guduvanchery a Preferred Destination for Most People from the City?

The real estate market of a specific region is affected by factors that are specific to that region.
The real estate business of an area will gain momentum due to urbanization, Growth of the IT sector, and the development of affordable housing.
The proper commutation and improved facilities will help a region soar in popularity.
The proposed projects in an area will always act as a catalyst for the growth of the area.
It is clear that in the future Guduvanchery real estate market is going to have more progress and demand.
The demand for the plot in Guduvanchery is set to grow manifold in the next 10 years.
The TIDCO selected 250 acres of land in Potheri and 100 acres of land near DLF in Chennai for their proposed project Financial Tech city in a “ Hub and spoke” model.
The hub and spoke model financial tech city will have international banks and stock exchange centers at their place.
A good number of business transactions will take place regularly in the Financial tech city.
The Potheri is in Kattupakkam, Kanchipuram district. The nearby Maraimalai Nagar, Guduvanchery, will benefit significantly from this proposed project.
Approximately 25,000 to 30,000 people will get job opportunities from this proposed project.
The capital land India division, a Singapore-based multinational company invested 1500 crores for the Pallavaram tech park.
They selected 23 acres for their project “ International Tech Park – Pallavaram tech park “on ITPC roads near Pallavaram.
The expected job opportunities will be 35,000 to 45,000 in numbers.
Tremendous growth will happen in these areas
.Plots are of multiple sizes, multiple areas, and at multiple locations more of residential nature than commercial.
The population of the Guduvanchery and all the nearby locations have a long-time desire of owning a plot of their budget.
The affordable range makes this middle class come forward for the purchase of plots in chennai.
Real estate people are able to feel the pulse and are very active to g