Why It is so common that people misfuel the in car engine? How can I fix it?

Yes, and it's getting more and more common as diesel engines become quieter and more efficient. Most of our customers either recently bought a new diesel car after previously having a petrol car, or they rented or borrowed the car and were not aware that it had a diesel engine. The most typical situation is when motorists fill up a diesel vehicle with gasoline. This is the rationale because the petrol fuel nozzle is more slender than the diesel fuel nozzle and thus more easily fits into the diesel tank aperture. Diesel in a petrol car is substantially less prevalent because the contrary is not true.
Every four to five minutes, the wrong fuel gets injected in the UK. Given that there are more than 30 million vehicles on the road, this fact is not particularly remarkable. There is always one engineer available, day or night, to respond to any of these situations even if we only allowed our wrong fuel doctor professionals to work a specific number of hours each day.