Why Zimbabwean students should study bachelor of science in marketing

The demand for professionals in a wide range of marketing roles is increasing globally. Pursuing higher education helps you progress to higher positions with lucrative salaries and other benefits. The marketing environment is continuously evolving with digital improvements, changing economy, and buyer habits. Businesses need shrewd marketing professionals to maneuver the changing climate conditions, strategize, reach out to more audiences, steer clear of competition and improve the sales of their products/services. BLS forecasts a 22% rise in demand for marketing research analysts and a 10% rise in demand for professionals in advertising and promotions. TAU, Zambia offers several benefits for its students like pleasant ambiance, well-qualified faculty with extensive experience in the field, opportunities to pursue education via on-campus, part-time, or online modes, budget-friendly education fees, and modern approaches in business practices and the latest tools and techniques, etc.