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Why Responsive Design is very important for your Website?

Time and Money
If you are not opting Responsive Design, then you will have to maintain multiple sites for Mobile, Tablet etc. This will
cost you good amount of money and also maintaining multiple websites is a big overhead. It will eat up your time
too. But if you are opting for a Responsive Web Design, then one single website will get adapt to any screen size.
The Responsive website will open perfectly in computers,mobile phones,tablets etc. This will reduce the time and
money involved in maintaining multiple websites drastically.

Your Customer is trying to access your website through mobiles and tablets
The internet traffic originating from Mobile devices are increasing day by day. Your customer may be using smart
phone or tablet to browse your website. But if your website is not updated to Responsive Design, it will not display
properly in devices like mobile,tablet. This may make the customer to choose your competitor who is updated to
Responsive Design. This can also lead in losing a potential customer.

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