World Tuberculosis (Sil) Day 2022 | Invest to End TB. Save lives

There are certain herbs that prevent and treat tuberculosis. We’ve come up with home remedies that cure tuberculosis.
Protein storehouse food
The sufferers of tb may experience weight loss, and they need to regain it for a healthy recovery. So, add protein-enriched components like cheese, eggs, and soya to the daily diet.
Take Vitamins containing food.
Vitamins including vitamin A, C, and E play a significant role to prevent and treating TB. In addition, the vitamin sources are fruits like oranges, mango, and guava. Moreover, other sources are tomato, pumpkin, fish, chicken, etc.
Vinegar contains acid
Vinegar has a very active substance in it named acetic acid. Thus, the bacteria get killed by acetic acid, even if they’re drug-resistant.