Xero Degrees | Xero Degrees Cafe Private Limited Franchise in Mumbai

The brands ‘Xero Degrees’ & ‘Xero Courtyard’ are exclusively owned by Xero Degrees Cafe Private limited. Xero Degrees was founded by Kashish Aneja & Shivam Kakkar in the year 2018. With multiple locations across India, Xero Degrees is your new destination for mouth-watering and mind-blowing food. Xero’s crazily Indianized American food will leave you craving for more. Enjoy well-crafted piping hot recipes of spicy French fries, cheesy pizza slices, heavenly delicious drinks and whatnot, in a warm and pleasant ambience created by Xero’s stunning interiors and decor. Xero Degrees Cafe Private Limited is the fastest-growing F&B franchise in India with over 100+. Established in 2018 by Kashish Aneja and Shivam Kakkar. Xero Degrees Owner. +91-8178056360.