About Us

A2ZBookmarks.com refers to websites that facilitate discussion and resource sharing within a rigidly tagged & organized taxonomy. We enable users to collaboratively underline, highlight, and annotate an electronic text, in addition to providing a mechanism to write additional comments on the margins of the electronic document. It is the process of tagging a website page with a browser-based tool so that you can easily visit it again later.

We help to collect set of resources to share with friends and colleagues. Site feature uses a form of tagging, which allows users to mark websites they want to bookmark with a keyword similar to how hashtags work in Twitter. We provide an excellent way to simplify content curation and speed up social media growth. It is a form of shareable bookmarking that allows websites to bookmark on the web using a service instead of using the browser’s bookmarking feature. You can even search through what people have bookmarked by typing in what you are looking for in the search tool.

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