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Generic DASATINIB / Brand SPRYCEL 20mg / 50mg / 70mg / 100mg Tablet is used for treating of blood cancer such as chronic myeloid leukaemia. Dasatinib / Sprycel medicine is... Read More

Generic MARAVIROC / Brand SELZENTRY CELSENTRI 150mg Tablet is used for treating HIV infection. Maraviroc / Selzentry Celsentri medicine is classified as chemokine receptor antagonist. It demonstrates its act by... Read More

Generic ENTECAVIR / Brand BARACLUDE 0.5mg / 1mg Tablet is used for treating chronic (long-term) infection of hepatitis B (swelling of the liver done by a virus) in adult patients... Read More

Generic EFAVIRENZ / Brand SUSTIVA 200mg / 600mg Capsule / Tablet is used for treating HIV infection. Efavirenz / Sustiva medicine works by preventing the HIV virus from multiplying in... Read More

Generic DIDANOSINE / Brand VIDEX 100mg / 250mg / 400mg Tablet / Capsule is used for treating HIV infection. Didanosine / Videx medicine is classified as an antiviral medication that... Read More

Generic DARUNAVIR / Brand PREZISTA 300mg / 600mg / 800mg Tablet belongs to the class of anti-HIV medication. Darunavir / Prezista medicine interferes with protease, an enzyme which is needed... Read More

Generic ATAZANAVIR / Brand REYATAZ 150mg / 200mg / 300mg Capsule is classified as protease inhibitors. Atazanavir / Reyataz medicine decreases the chance of developing complications related to HIV which... Read More

Generic DACTINOMYCIN / Brand COSMEGEN 500mcg Vial is used for treating cancer of the testicles, Wilms' tumor, Ewing's sarcoma and gestational trophoblastic neoplasia. Dactinomycin / Cosmegen medicine is classified as... Read More

Generic ADEFOVIR DIPIVOXIL / Brand HEPSERA 10mg Tablet is effective in treating a chronic infection caused by the virus of the liver (hepatitis B) in patients who are of12 years... Read More

Uses of Abacavir Abacavir is generally prescribed for treating HIV infection. How does abacavir work? Abacavir (an antiviral medication) works by preventing the multiplication of virus in human cells and thus stops the... Read More