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Foundation bolts manufactured and used in windmills are pre-engineered for wind turbine foundations and construction. Our Foundation Bolts are available in different grades & types including Full threaded & partial... Read More

Zinc-flake coatings are sacrificial coatings that contain zinc and/or aluminium elements that oxidize sacrificially to ensure the substrate to which they are applied remains corrosion-free. These coating systems were designed... Read More

This ASTM A320 grade L7M segment includes details of fasteners made from stainless and alloy steel. These fasteners are primarily used in various low-temperature applications in the form of forged,... Read More

The specification of ASTM F3125 comprises the mechanical, chemical, and physical necessities for the structural bolts. They are produced from alloy steel and stainless steel in two styles, grades, and... Read More

Roll-Fast is the leading supplier of Socket Head Cap screws to many industries. Socket cap screws are machine flanges with a cylindrical barrel-shaped head containing a hexagonal hole. The head... Read More

Roll-Fast is the leading manufacturer of Full-thread stud bolts for the construction of Petrochemical Industries & general maintenance work. Full threaded stud bolts are non-headed bolts, these are in the... Read More

Roll-fast is the manufacturer of stainless steel bolts & nuts in bigger diameters from M-20 to M-72. We manufacture stainless steel bolts & nuts in DIN 931, DIN 933 and... Read More

The nut tapping machine is a kind of machine for machining internal threads in nuts on the inner side of the holes with various specifications with through holes or blind... Read More

Roll-fast is a manufacturer of world class Bolts & nuts for use in Railways, these bolts are manufactured as per Indian, European and American standard in PLAIN, Black... Read More

Roll-fast is the largest manufacturer for bigger diameter bolts in India. Standard bolts refer to fasteners used to join two or more components together. They come in various sizes,... Read More