Author: Swastikeng

What is Horizontal Laminar Air Flow?

Horizontal Laminar air flow supply purified airflow across the work area to shield the sample from airborne contaminants. These are appropriate for a wide range of applications, but they are... Read More

What is the use of Static Pass Box?

Static pass box is utilise to transfer material from one place to another without the risk of contaminations. Without introducing contaminants into the clean room's air or opening the door,... Read More

Dynamic Pass Box Manufacturer in India

Dynamic Pass box is one of the important components of clean room equipment, it is used to transmit items from a side to the other through a sterile situation in... Read More

Vertical Laminar Air Flow Equipment – Uses & Application

The vertical laminar air flow is made to offer a high level of protection for process goods in labs and manufacturing facilities. There are many important applications in the fields... Read More